A mother and her two daughters were set to spend three months in prison for taking some leftover corn estimated at GH¢10 which did not belong to them, MyNewsGh.com has filed.

According to Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng of Crime Check Foundation, a court found them guilty and consequently sentenced all three including a lactating mother after they were unable to raise GH¢360 slapped on them.

He, however, revealed that Black Stars winger Christian Atsu came to the rescue of the convicts and through the Crime Check Foundation donated GH¢1000 for their release.

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They are set to be released on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng wrote “Cases like this make a strong case for a review of Ghana’s criminal justice laws. They may not have had permission for collecting the leftovers from the farm, but in a country where poverty is endemic in most rural communities, what some rural folks do is to go searching for rejected harvested corn to keep their families alive. Sadly the innocent baby of Joyce had to follow the mum to prison. They tell me their farmlands have been sold out to a company, so they have to go looking for corn which offers them Akple twice a day. Fortunately, a good Samaritan has paid for their 360 court fine to enable them go home on Tuesday to continue with their huzzle. You can imagine the joy on their faces when CCF donated 1000 cedis to them from Black Stars winger, Christian Atsu.

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Meanwhile, some big men chop state funds and use technicalities to go scot free in court. What a country we live in!”

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  1. Aaaaaaa Ghana paaaaa are we serious?just 10 Cedis someone have to go to jail .n our politicians are walking free? God have Marcy on our……………….

  2. Like the judge who judged the case has no sympathy. I think the judge is not human. The judge maybe some alien with no heart. The judge is very very wicked. If the woman was her family relative, would the judge sentence them to prison? OMG. Shaking my head in shame at you the judge. God will ask you one day. This is wickedness. Anas will expose you judges again. Judges with no sympathy. I have regretted that am a Ghanaian. Shame on you the judge.

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