There’s only one explanation for Ghanaian/Nigerian actress, Christabel Ekeh to flood social media with her naked pictures. She needs help.
Sometimes the difference between sanity and insanity is awareness, the lack of which leads to many complications. And this explains why many people are unaware when they slide into either of the two worlds.

One of Christabel Ekeh’s naked pictures

There are many insane people walking on Ghana’s streets who believe they’re sane. Often these people are jerked out of their insanity when the penny drops in their life –they lose a love one, their job, they’re taken ill or when Christ finds them.
Take a tour through your community and you will meet people who are mentally ill as well as those who’re sane but mentally sick. The two are around you but the tragedy is that, often those who’re sane and mentally sick accuse those who’re mentally ill of being nuisance to the country.
If a sane man finds it easy to throw rubbish around indiscriminately and the madman does same, who’s who? Will it be fair to say they’re both mentally ill?
They’re the same.

Artiste Mzbel denounced Christianity and the story of Jesus Christ

This has been the world many of Ghana’s celebrities especially those in the entertainment industry and politics inhabit. These insane sane people often try to court the attention of Ghanaians by engaging in activities that could best be described as perverse.
The makeup of these people is simple – get attention by any means necessary and damn the consequences. I wasn’t astounded when female artiste Mzbel took a dead aim at Jesus Christ, describing the story about His birth and death as a tale. It also didn’t come as a tickle when founder of the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr Hassan Ayariga held a press conference in the heat of the 2016 general elections to accuse the now governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) of plagiarizing his party’s manifesto. Ghanaians had a laugh and same was given Mzbel.

All People’s Congress (APC) founder, Dr Hassan Ayariga

Dr Ayariga and Mzbel needed attention and they had it. But the situation of actress Christable Ekeh is different. She needs help.
You don’t need to look farther than it’s permissible to know her hitherto stellar career is nosediving and something needed to be done to resuscitate it. Her mission to revive the sinking ship is noble, but the channel to get that done has proven ignoble.
When she flooded her Instagram page last Friday – July 7, 2017 – with her naked pictures, sections of the public thought she was losing her mind. They didn’t know her action was a loud cry for help. The 2008 Miss Malaika 1st Runner Up needs the directors in the movie industry whose pastime has been to sleep with the ladies before giving them a chance to put a stop to that attitude. She also needs a psychological help.
Christabel’s self-esteem has lately been hemorrhaging that it has reached a crisis point. I believe what the Ghanaian/Nigerian needs is help borne out of a genuine heart and not criticism. We can decide to ignore her plea but we should be prepare for the many others who’re yet to manifest theirs.
Let’s reach out to her and others in the country.
Ghana is fast becoming a hub for madmen and the time is ripe for the government to take a real look at issues of mental health and make the needed investment.
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