The Ghana Health Service District Director of Tain, Dr Michael Rockson Adjei, has revealed the many factors that could contribute to child deformity.

In relation to the issue of a mysterious birth which occurred at the Ampiaw-Ajumako in the Central Region, Adom News has been speaking to Dr Adjei who shed light on factors which cause deformity in children.

According to him, deformity in children could be caused by genetic corps, infections, nutritional deficiency and radiations in the environment of an unborn child.

He said another cause of deformity in children is the age of mothers and the transfer of an untreated infection from a mother.


“Some children are branded spiritual babies because of some strange features they may be born with but these may be featured inherited from their mother’s genetic corps”, he indicated.

He added: “Mothers who eat imbalanced diet and refuse to take in the appropriate drugs prescribed by health professionals, end up tempering with the baby’s formation”.

He also emphasised that radiations in and around the environment can cause the deformation of a child during pregnancy.

There are drugs like folic acid a pregnant mother needs to aid a baby to form well and these must adhere to”, he told Adom News.

Dr Rockson has advised women to give birth between the ages of 20 and 35 to avoid the possibilities of giving birth to deformed babies while advising aged men to desist from giving birth because their sperms may be deformed at a particular age.