Lordina and John Mahama
Lordina and John Mahama

On the occasion of John Dramani Mahama’s 64th birthday, his beloved wife, Lordina Mahama, went all out to make the day special with freshly cut roses.

According to Ghana’s former president, Lordina gave him flowers, a total of 64 red roses.

Mr Mahama, in his appreciation post on Facebook, posed with his huge box of roses with this message: “64 roses from Lordina.”

The former First Lady added a special message on a card that came along with her gift.

On November 29, Lordina took to Facebook to once again profess her love to her husband of 30 years.

She wrote: “On your 64th birthday, all I ask for is God’s continuous blessings upon your life, John Dramani Mahama. You have been a dependable husband and inspiring father. Our Good Lord has blessed you with robust health, a great sense of judgment and a pure heart. There is nothing more I could have asked for in a life partner. I love you now, more than ever before. Happy Birthday, John. Forever and a day, Lordina. #JohnMahama #mahamaat64 #JDMis64.”