Joana Gyan in the field

Joan Gyan, businesswoman and wife of Keche Andrews, has in recent times been making headlines after her interview on the Delay Show.

She revealed on the show that she makes $700m a year from her business.

According to her, when she started she made around $200,000 and grew to a million dollars and in recent times about $700m a year.

“When I started in the beginning, I made $200,000 a year and then it increased to $400,000, and then $500,000 and then $1,000,000, but now I make close to $700 million a year,” she said.

Below is a list of businesses she reportedly owns:

* Golden Empire Legacy Ltd
* GEM multimedia Ghana ltd
* Colossus Minerals Ltd
* Joana TV Ltd
* GEM Rhythms Ltd
* The GEM Ltd pub
* KESSE music Ltd
* GELL Golden page Ltd
* GELL Farms Ltd
* GELL Petroleum Ltd
* GELL Real Estate Ltd
* KBA Mining Ltd
* Joana Gyan Foundation
* GELL Timber Ltd
* ZEMA Ghana Jewelry and Fashion School, Ltd
* Royalsekt Ghana Limited