The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante is calling on all the commissioners at the Electoral Commission (EC) led by Charlotte Osei to resign.
The reason for this call, he stated to ensure a thorough investigations into the allegations they have leveled against each other without any interference from them.
Rev. Asante made the comment following an exposé by Mrs. Osei after some people at the EC partitioned President Akufo-Addo for her impeachment.
Charlotte Osei, the second chairperson of the 25-year-old commission is facing a mutiny from her staff who accuse her of managerial incompetence, doubtful political neutrality, and breaches of contracts and the Public Procurement Act.
Her detailed response rejecting the accusations has also roped in two other deputies, commissioner in charge of Operations, Amadu Sulley and Commissioner in charge of Corporate Services, Georgina Opoku Amankwah.
Charlotte Osei has also vowed to get her two deputies investigated for allegations, some bordering on crime.
Based on this backdrop, Rev. Emmanuel Asante on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Monday expressed disappointment in the way issues are handled.
He warned, the Commission could lose focus if the issues between the EC Chair and her two deputies are not resolved.
The Peace Council chairman maintained that, until the issues are resolved amicably, the integrity of the EC will be affected.
Rev. Asante wants every allegation made against the EC Chair as well as those made by the Chair, to be investigated.


  1. All including the chairperson to resign? Is that the way forward? So what happens after investigations? Is this a calculated attempt for the ruling government to have the chance to appoint new EC Chairperson? and will the chief justice be allowed to continue working after a new government take over? We should be wise and don’t allow our selfish interest lead us to set bad precedent. May YAHWEH lead Ghana. Amen.

  2. When we are talking about corruption somebody is thinking about new EC Boss who will be appointed by the president. Common sense will tell you that the amount involved in these allegations is tax payers money.
    Therefore if that money is not properly accounted for because of somebody’s selfish interest then what are we supporting. This is not politics but something of national interest. God have mercy upon those who profess to know God but support this thing because of politics. Let us not forget that it is the same tax payers money which is used for national developments. God have mercy on Ghana.

  3. I Support this decision 100%, the integrity of the E C would be ruined if the country or gov’t allows this dented commissioners to continue working, the allegations are serious ones and I support a compete overhaul at the top of the EC.

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