Famed Nigerian social media influencer and animator, Ayodejia is traumatised after she was robbed in a London restaurant.

She detailed the chase and help she received from residents in a bid to catch the thief who was riding away with her luxury bag.

Like a dream, Ayodejia said she saw the man on a bike calmly remove her bag which was hanged on her seat and proceeded to ride away.

She had to pause eating her dessert and her picture taking to analyse the situation before speeding off behind the thief.

From running in the middle of the busy road while dodging cars and busses to screaming for her bag, Ayodejia said she created a hot scene London had not witnessed in a while.

As she got closer and was about to grab the thief, she said she realised some good Samaritans stepped out of their car to rescue her favourite bag.

Ayodejia said at that point, all she was thinking about was her passport and the benevolence of the four men who surrounded the thief.

Out of fear, she said the thief tossed her bag into the air while fleeing for his life.

She added that the warm hugs from some unknown persons made her realise she was weeping throughout the chase.