Netizens have applauded the bravery of a yet-to-be-identified female who fought and overpowered a phone snatcher.

The incident, which happened around 9:00 pm, was captured in a CCTV on street view mode.

The video captured the moment the young lady was strolling in the area while using her phone, shortly before the thief launched an attack.

The thief, who was on a motorbike, crossed the victim and attempted to rob her of her phone and belongings.

But, she was determined not to let go, and it generated into a full fight, while screaming in Twi language for help.

As the phone thief tried escaping on his motorbike, she dropped her bag and hopped right behind him where another struggle ensued.

Other portions of the video captured the moment she raised an alarm and with the help of some residents, the thief was nabbed.

She could be seen beating him mercilessly with sticks, while other rescuers held him hostage.

Watch video below: