Self-styled relationship expert, George Cyril Lutterodt, has advised people not to allow themselves to be deceived not to carry their grievances into the New Year.

Counsellor Lutterodt noted that at the end of every year, people are forced to let go of their grievances with the belief that it is a bad omen to carry grievances into a new year even when no proper apology is rendered.

Sharing his thought on Asempa FM’s mid-morning show which has been rebranded as  ‘Yen Asetena mu’ he said, aggrieved persons who are often forced to forgive, live with so much bitterness because their issues are often not properly addressed.

Listen to Mr Lutterodt in the audio below:

He recalled that there are partners who have suffered these challenge for many years without seeing any attitudinal changes in their relationships, leaving the other partner with so much bitterness that usually destroys their life.

According to him, many offenders often appear during the last days of the year and capitalise on the perception and belief of not carrying grievances into the new year to render unqualified apology without any settlement.

“I have witnessed many people who are still suffering in their marriages and relationships for wrong-doing after which they keep apologising to the other partners every end of year,” he noted.

Subsequently, people who experience these behaviours end up not being able to build better relationships because they always leave their issues unattended.

Some have, out of their experience, lost their sense of responsibility because they are made to believe that they can continue to offend people and always apologise by the last day of every year.

He said forgiveness must come out of a person’s right state of mind, devoid of any pressure and fear.

He advised that people are made to take full responsibility for their actions when they offend others.