Seasoned journalist, Kweku Baako has called on government to set up a Committee of inquiry to investigate further the circumstances that led to the death of the late Military Capt. Maxwell Mahama.

Speaking on Joy FM’s “News File” on Saturday, Kweku Baako expressed his dissatisfaction with the evidence put out by the Police administration regarding the incident.

According to him, though the preliminary investigations done by the Police hold, it’s however not enough to establish the truth.

He advised that the Police do not rule out any other evidential factors that have cropped up in relation to the issue.

To him, following the murder of the deceased Military officer; there’s been a lot of claims about how the deceased met his untimely death.

Paramount among the claims are certain revelations by the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Upper Denkyira West, Daniel Appianing, who believes the deceased was leading a group of Military officers to guard Chinese illegal miners in a forest reserve in the area.

Other residents in the locality have also purported a case of conspiracy with the Assembly man of the area conniving with the mob to lynch the officer.

Some people also believe the lynching of the officer was orchestrated by the residents.

Several angles have been given to suggest the officer may have been purposely killed to advance the interest of his killers.

Mr. Baako strongly believes there is more to the issue than meets the eye and so called for thorough investigations with a joint action to delve deeper into the issue; not excluding the slightest claim made relatively to the incident.

He further added that he has also made some investigations and is “prepared to be a witness” if called upon.

Touching on whether the trial of the suspects in court should be televised, the seasoned journalist said he’s not convinced why this case should be singled out.

In his view, there are similar incidents of violence and so if this case is to be televised, then the same thing should be done with the other cases.

“What I hear those asking for the thing to be televised or telecast is that they think it will help in this whole education as well as deterrence thing we want to forge. Okay, let people see it. Let people hear it. We’ve been talking too much for a long time. Now, let’s dramatize it in a way. Let them see. Let them hear live.

“Well, why would we restrict it to just that? Why would we not replicate it with others so to have a critical mass if indeed our intention, our (you know) aim is to build a deterrence? Then you don’t reduce it to just one incident, however grave and heinous it was…I’m not convinced yet”, he stated.