The answer is No and I’ll tell you why.

Trust is one of the most foundational ingredients for a successful relationship. Without it, the entire relationship is bound to be unstable.

Also, because trust and respect are inextricably linked, if you lose trust in someone, you’re likely to lose respect for them as well, so what’s the point?

What is trust?

Trust means having confidence in your partner’s abilities. That is, you are convinced that your partner would not cheat on you, will not lie to you, and will always stand by your side in difficult moments.

For you to have this confidence, you must have observed your partner over time; you must have paid attention to them, you’ve seen how they handle and react to situations, and you must now be certain of what they can and cannot do. This is why they say trust is earned not given.

Trust develops with time. As we study how our partner thinks and acts in a specific situation, we gain a notion of how they will most likely think and act in future scenarios. Hence, this predictability is what makes us trust them.

Strong indicators of trust in a relationship

  • Openness: You and your partner discuss freely and don’t hide anything from each other. You both express your fears and share your secrets without holding back.
  • You Disagree Amicably: Because you trust your partner, you understand they wouldn’t want to hurt you on purpose. This makes it easy for you to discuss and settle issues calmly.
  • Reassurance: When trust is present in a relationship, insecurity is absent. You’re sure your partner is doing nothing funny behind you.

Indicators of a Lack of Trust Include;

  • Insecurity
  • Shouting matches
  • Stalking one another
  • Going through each other’s phones with scrutiny and so on.

The moment you find yourself displaying a lack of trust in your partner, call them over and discuss it with them. Proper Communication would help save your relationship.