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Call for the immediate return of football is selfish – Gold Stars CEO


Chief Executive Officer of Division One side, Bibiani Gold Stars, Mr Kwasi Adu has said it is selfish for club administers to campaign for the immediate return of the various leagues when the issues confronting Ghana Football have not been dealt with properly.

The Normalization Committee will, today at the Alisa Hotel, engage Club owners and administrators but the young administrator suggests the many problems that led to the Anas Expose last June needed to be addressed before all competitions are revived.

“I think it is selfish for club owners to want the return of all domestic football competitions when we have not dealt with the major issues confronting the industry,” he explained.

“Ghanaians are not interested in football at the moment so let us take the opportunity to institute a good football community that the masses will be enthused to return to. Let’s use the time address the issue of referees first”, he added.

He further advocated for the media to be active in reviving the local game by speaking positively to it and eschew personal interests.

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