The Mpraeso Circuit Court has sentenced the two Police Officers who were involved in a robbery incident at Afram Plains in the Eastern region to 36 months imprisonment with hard labour.

The two were prosecuted on two counts; Conspiracy to escape from lawful custody and escape from lawful custody.

On the first count they were sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour and 36 months imprisonment with hard labour for the second count. Both sentence are expected to run concurrently.

The two Police officers were arrested in August last year after an attack on a bullion van which led to the death of the vehicle driver.

Another Police officer who was escorting the vehicle was also wounded.

The incident happened at Maame Krobo in the Affram Plains South district of the Eastern region.

The bullion van had no money in it at the time of the attack.

The two police officers identified as Corporal Elvis Mensah and Lance Corporal Daniel Kissi managed to escape after they were arrested.

The escape led to clashes between police and angry residents in the district leading to a police station being set ablaze but they were swiftly re-arrested.