President-elect Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo has been advised to break away from the politics of equalization and ensure holistic development.

The leadership coach and motivational speaker Reverend Albert Ocran also asked the soon-to-be inaugurated president and all Ghanaian leaders to refrain from justifying wrongdoing. 

More often in Ghanaian politics, the leadership has found it convenient to compare their ills to that of predecessors in an attempt to portray theirs as less corrupt and more desirable.

But speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday on the vexed issue of leadership in the country, the Springboard show host also said a line should be drawn as a nation regarding political equalisation. 

“We have grown as a nation to refuse to allow anybody to justify wrongdoing on the basis of equalisation,” he said stressing the good performance at the polls is enough endorsement to the incoming administration to right the wrongs by the previous government.

“We must deliberately kill that culture that compares past government actions to present day administration and say theirs was worse so it is okay. That kind of narrative must be taken out of our national way of doing things,” he said. 

According to him, public officials hold office for all Ghanaians and not their political party supporters, activists or foot soldiers which make it reprehensible when such offices are run to please a section of the population.

“Political parties need people who are not their foot soldiers to vote for them during elections, so when they get into office they should speak for all Ghanaians including those who did not vote for them and not only their foot soldiers,” he said. 

On his part, Chief Executive Officer of Rancard Solutions Limited, Kofi Dadzie, tasked the incoming government to have the courage to take bold decisions that will lead the nation into prosperity.