Renowned body builder, Faisal Alhasan, is cautioning his colleagues to resist the temptation to provide guard services for politicians for monetary gain.

He says the people who hire their services could lure them into perpetrating violence against their professional ethics.

The use of body builders for security purposes has become a common practice among politicians and other people who can afford such services.

Though the state provides police protection for presidential aspirants, they engage extra body builders to augment the numbers.

Mr. Alhasan, a former National Champion of Ghana’s Strongest, says he has always refused offers to provide guard services.

He wants other body builders to follow suit and, particularly, stay away from seeking to police ballot boxes on Election Day.

“Ghana needs us, our kids need us. We have to stay out of this elections, after voting just go home, if left to me alone no body builder should be at the centre when ballots are being counted…don’t accept body guard offers now”, he said.

He wants government to create an enabling environment to drive investors into the country.

This, he believes will create employment opportunities for the youth especially those in body building to prevent them from indulging in violence.

Mr. Alhassan spoke at a sensitization workshop on peace for body builders in the Ashanti Region ahead of elections in December.

The event was under the theme, “Electoral Justice: Key to Peace and National Security”

Organizers, Amass Ghana, wants government and other institutions to do more to maintain peace in the country.