All seem not too well at the president’s Special Operations Unit as some of the newly recruited officials have begun trading blows over which ‘stolen’ state vehicle should be confiscated and which ones are untouchable, the New Crusading GUIDE has gathered.

Daasebre Kwabena Ahenkora, an Assistant Divisional Officer at the Kotoka International Airport, who also doubles as the National Operations Commander (Vehicle Task Force), was almost beating by the Director of Operations, Lord Commey’s boys, for his determination to rearrest 9 state vehicles they claimed to have earlier intercepted, and upon verification, realized did not belong to the state.

Reports reaching the New Crusading GUIDE indicates that last Tuesday around 1pm at the Presidency, in the glare view of onlookers, Nana Ahenkorah was confronted by one Agyapong, who questioned him over why he had to go behind them to confiscate vehicles that had already been released to their owners.

“who do you think you are, you will see what I will do to you, stup*d man, did I not tell you we have already inspected the vehicles, did I not tell you they have already been cleared as non-state cars, this your stupid things you have been doing, we have only been watching you so you think you are the man, you I will call Lord Commey and tell him some of these stupid things you have been doing, look if you misbehave I will organize the boys to go and lock you up right now, foolish man”, he bemoaned.

Nana Ahenkorah was however summoned to brief the Committee on Access recovery, led by Nana Oppong, (Director of Transports and logistics, at the presidency) on his new findings, in the presence of the owner of the 9 vehicles, Emmanuel Asem.

Shockingly, it was revealed that Emmanuel Asem was the Chief Executive Officer of Asem Engineering Services, who was contracted by the previous government to provide engineering services to vehicles at the presidency, and by virtue of his direct access to some big guns in the previous administration, he was able to acquire those vehicles, successfully registered in his name.

According to documents Daasebre presented to the committee, a Toyota Land Cruiser, with registration number UW 4209-09, with Chassis number JTEHCO5J004029823, was auctioned to Mr. Asem at the cost of GH¢2, 200.

Another Toyota Land Cruiser with chassis number JTECB091403015758 and registration number CR 299- U’ had also been auctioned at the cost of GH¢2,600.

A Toyota Land Cruiser 100, with registration number ER 748-U, with Chassis number JTECBO91803015732, was also acquired by Mr. Asem through auction at the cost of GH¢2,000, whilst another Toyota Land Cruiser 100 with initial operation number ER 306-09, and with its ash color changed to black, had also been given a new registration number; GE 3976-13.

The rest of the vehicles, according to Dasebre’s briefing, included a Nissan Pick-Up, Double Cabin, with chassis number ADNJ980000E004173, 2008 model with registration number GS 6812-Z, a Nissan Pick-Up-Double Cabin (4×4), with Chassis number ADNJ980000E004034, with registration number GS 6904-Z, a double Cabin Nissan Pick-Up with chassis number ADNJ980000E004194, 2008 model, with registration number, GS 6811-Z, a 2011 V8 Toyota land Cruiser model with registration number GT 2852-12, with Chassis number JTMHV09J2B4060714, 4.5 engine capacity , imported by Sterlin Automotive and Trading Company Limited, and with an amount of GH33,870.84 paid as import duty levy.

Dasebre Ahenkorah also tendered in to the committee a document he intercepted in one of the vehicles, during the day of operation at Mr. Asem’s residence at Olebu, a suburb of Ablekuma; the document contained a tall list of security personnel working at the presidency, who, according to Mr. Asem’s wife, had allegedly took monies from her in order to have the seized vehicles returned.

The names included Ken Agyapong, Sammy, Inspector Yeboah, W.O Acheampong, Mr. Peprah Col. Owusu Ansah, and one other Augustus.

Mr. Asem however responding to Dasebre Ahenkorah’s briefing in the affirmative, pleaded with the members of the committee to help him go after those individuals he had purchased the vehicles from.

He said one of the sellers once met him around the Tesano Police Station, where transactions were finalized.

He has however, been cautioned to return another Toyota Pick-Up vehicle in his possession, and further proceed to make official report at the Tesano Police Station , to recover his monies from the sellers, and as well take legal actions against them.