A scene from a Southern Tanzanian wedding has set tongues wagging as netizens are yet to phantom the incident.

The bride and groom were captured walking on the back of some female guests who were absolutely unbothered by the action.

The groom went first, ushering his bride to follow suit. She was aided by some persons to help her balance as she steps on the guests one after the other.

The other guests were cheering them on while the guests on the floor were motivating them to take the mighty step.

The clip was posted on social media by the MC who did not understand the action.

It has been revealed that the action is an African wedding ritual necessary for couples to observe before their marriage will be considered valid.

The women on the floor are married aunties of the bride who are helping her spiritually take her steps in the journey of marriage.

It is believed that the ritual is to transcend the newly-weds from a status of single to married. The ritual will determine if their marriage will last or not.

Watch the video below: