When Adom 106.3 FM launched its new segment called Beyi W’ano on the morning show, Dwaso Nsem, little did the station know that its maiden edition will not be just another development gap.

What the producers of the show have had to deal with is a production of a ‘life-and-death situation; it’s a story of a school building waiting to collapse on its occupants if nothing gets done as soon as possible.

For many parents whose wards attend Esaase MA Primary School in the Upper Denkyira East District of the Central Region, until their children return from school, nothing is certain – their fears only cease with the children’s return.

The 30-year-old structure that should host any human being let alone children hasn’t seen any renovation since the community built it through a communal effort, commonly called ‘communal labour’ in Ghana, Assembly Member for Asikuma Electoral Area, Ebenezer Kwame Nsowah, has disclosed.

Mr Nsowah made the disclosure on the maiden edition of Beyi W’ana, a new segment on Adom 106.3 FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem.

He explained the 30-year-old building, which was erected during communal labour has not seen a single renovation thereafter.

Parents, teachers, and even the innocent children live in constant fear, occupying the structure except that they have no choice, Mr Nsowah suggested in his interview.

The school building has its roofs ripped off with serious cracks evident on the walls, leaving the weak blocks shaky when touched.

But for the Covid-19-induced break, the Kindergarten to Class 6 blocks would’ve been filled with pupils who constantly live in fear of the building collapsing.

Recently, he said, part of the already dilapidated building was destroyed by fire but not even a delegation to the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE)’s office to bring his attention to the school’s plight yielded any results, the worried assemblyman said.

The assemblyman who has lauded Adom FM’s Beyi W’ana concept appealed to the station to help bring the school to the required standard and save the lives of its occupants.

About Beyi W’ana

Beyi W'ano
Beyi W’ano

Beyi W’ano, to wit, ‘state your side of the story’ is a kind of production that calls on duty bearers to respond to the people’s problem.

The production is a solutions-focused and accountability-driven segment designed to hold public office holders accountable on behalf of the people.

The show has just one objective – fixing the challenge or the problem.

Beyi W’ano is also a people-focused segment as the production starts with the people stating their problems or challenges as the show serves as the conduit through which a solution is provided.

As the segment’s tagline goes, BeyiwoanoNa yen sor ano, once a problem is identified, the show collaborates with the community and duty bearers to find solutions to them.

If you missed the first edition of Beyi W’ano which carried the heart-stopping story of a school building that is waiting to collapse on pupils who occupy it in the Upper Denkyira East District of the Central Region, make time every morning to join the team at 6:54 am as they push to get the problem fixed.