Veteran playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte has advised well-to-do Ghanaians to be wary of discussions in the public domain.
According to him, once a successful person becomes the topical issue in the public sphere, they will eventually fall off the success ladder.
He told Andy Dosty that “Ghana is a place where we don’t like high flyers. If you are doing well and people talk about you, you get in trouble”.
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The renowned writer cited an instance where false publications, gossip and rumours made him lose his job and other contracts he had already signed on to.
Uncle Ebo advised successful people to be careful because “if those around you are not careful, they can follow these false comments and take decisions about you…’ he maintained.
Narrating his experience on the show, Uncle Ebo said he was appointmented by a company some years ago but lost it after some faceless people stabbed him in the back by telling lies to the company.
The repercussions of the act, he said, caused him to be unemployed for a year and half – a situation which he can never erase from his memory.
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Uncle Ebo further revealed that, all his male friends abandoned him so it took the help of two women he had mentored to share their salaries with him before he could survive those unfortunate moments.
“I was head of marketing of the company. They fired me with nine charges. It was a summary dismissal even though it didn’t involve the police. One company bought me an official car but before they could sign an appointment letter, someone gave a hint and that was it the chance went away”, he narrated.
“I become unemployed for one and half years. I didn’t get a job at my level and those were the times that these two ladies I had mentored and made part of my household shared their salaries with me”, he added.
“We [Uncle Ebo and his wife] had helped some people but none of the men we had helped turned round to help so if I value women, this is one of the reasons…” he disclosed.