A video of lesbian Ghanaian couple who are believed to reside in the United Kingdom has sent internet buzzing in Ghana.

The video has two ladies in bed just as couples would do when in their bedroom.

One of the ladies said to be called Lyn is heard saying that they had arrived from work and were ready to enjoy themselves in bed.

She has then heard warning someone she referred to as Kate to stop worrying them with phone calls because they were going to get busy in bed.

To explain herself better, Lyn explained her point in Twi to Kate’s understanding.

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The video has since caught the attention of many on social media and has literally gone viral.

The brazenness with which Lyn sends her warning is quite interesting considering the fact that homosexuality is illegal and a very contentious topic in Ghana.

One can bet that she would have been so open about their relationship if it had been here. But it must be noted that this is the second time Ghana has had to deal with images of Ghanaian lesbians abroad in 2018.

It will be recalled that about nine months, a photo of two black ladies who looked like a married couple pooped up online.

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The back story was that they were Ghanaian ladies, lesbians for that matter, who had wedded in the Netherlands (Holland).

In that photo, the ladies, wearing what looked like Kente cloth in ‘Kaba and Slit’ form, were seen kissing passionately as lovers do.

Coming on the back of an interview President Nana Akufo-Addo had with Al-Jazeera in which he stated that legalising homosexuality was not a priority and that Ghana may gradually get there, the photo spread liked wildfire.

It is in a similar manner that this video is also trending.