Social media have gone agog over newly wedded celebrity couple, Mr. And Mrs. Banky W. The media got on fire after Banky W mistakenly shared a nude video of his wife, Adesua.
Born Bankole Wellington, Banky W, married Adesua, a Nollywood actress and singer, in Cape Town, South Africa.
In the video, Banky W tries to give a shout-out to his fans, showing them his lodge and Zebra right outside his bedroom window.
He had written on an image he posted on social media which had his naked wife at the background, “My goodness. #Baad2017. The #AfterParty #MySAExperience.” However, unknown to him, his wife, Adesua was in the bedroom, naked.
The video had gone viral when fans drew the attention of the singer to the video.
Banky W, quickly deleted the video but it was too late. It was already on the gossip tables of thousands as many devoured on it.
However, below is what fans and other social media users are saying about the self-leaked nude video.

Happy birthday to One of the Realest and Most Loyal people out here @soundsultan . I call you… 

Before you start crucifying Banky, this is the actual video that picture was munched from, frankly I don’t think it was intentional

26 Nigerian women wasted in @azzurri and twitter plays dumb. Nigerians and fellow Africans sold as slaves and we look away. @BankyW erroneously leaks his wives business and we are all excited. 

No one said its intentional na.. It was an accident obviously but no need for this story he came to tell us, but the person that screenshot that tho is evil o 😨😳 how did they even notice? Cos I won’t have sef 

Why would you think it’s Intentional na? Wife o.. He was just doing video to show himself, didn’t think she was in background

I saw the picture first and I was like noooo way, then I saw the video

I’ve watched the Banky W video several times & can’t find any nudes of Adesua. Is there a part 2?

Mischievous pple just want to put sand in the couples life. Nothing in it depicts  nude. But BankyW shud be extra careful abt SM, he’s now married. Must respect his marriage not allowing bad ppl destroy his happiness.

Banky child in heaven be like… Dad just shown my friends mums back side for free, am not going again.

Dear Entertaining industry
@BankyW is a crafty human.. What he has done is logical 😎
Man wants you to see what he wants you to see
Man could’ve deleted it before posting but he didn’t so chill 😙
He’s snapchat is not Automatic it’s same as yours (Think)