Ghanaian music duo, Wutah has fulfilled their promise of putting their differences aside to reunite as a group after eight years of doing solo projects.
In an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje on Adom FM’s ‘Work and Happiness’ on Tuesday, the duo, made up of Frank Osei known as Wutah Afriyie and Daniel Morris also known as Wutah Kobby said the Ghanaian Hi-life genre isn’t dead but alive.
According to them, they couldn’t sustain the pressure that was mounted on them when they parted ways hence the decision to come back and put their talents together once more.
“Hi-life is alive, all those who thought it was dead, lied. We are back with more good music. We couldn’t take parting ways lightly. The pressure was high. We have learnt a whole lot.  It gave us a fair idea of how Ghanaians are. If they love you, they will but when you change, they take time to accept you…,” they disclosed.
When asked about the incident that led to their break up some years ago, the denied that it was due to financial misappropriations.
They however confirmed that, they deeply felt each other’s absence since they both played a major role to make each other better as such breaking up really affected their work professionally.
“The response has been good. We had to appreciate each other. In our absence we felt it. It has never felt like one of us is better than the other. We all have our strengths. We don’t even sound alike. We don’t have a leader… we work together…”
The duo further urged groups that have suffered similar fate to let all sleeping dogs lie and reunite since unity yields solidarity and profit.
“All the dissolved groups should reunite. I hope they are in course to come back. They need prayers and I think it is about time they reunite…” they advised.
The ‘Big Dream’ hit makers further urged their fans to watch out for their respective songs including ‘Bronya’ which has already been released into the music stream.
“With the news songs I think it’s a good start for us. Aside music we can’t function. We thank our fans and urge them to continue listening to our music as we have more hit songs on its way…,” he said.
Watch their full video below: