Ghanaian Controversial Boxer Ayitey Powers life is in danger if he dares visit Australia.
Kasapa Sports can confidently state that the Ghanaian Boxer has had an affair with a lady by name Kelly Neata who happens to be the daughter of an Australian Mafia leader.
Our Sources reveal that after Powers impregnating the lady he ran to Ghana for a cover up because he was being hunted by Kelly Neata’s father.
It is revealed that Kelly’s father is very dangerous to the extent that those who live around his community in Sydney don’t want to fall into his pit.
Kasapa Sports can also state that, Kelly’s father is not just the mafia leader of the gang in Australia but also leader and founder of same gang in USA, UK, Canada and Spain.
Powers speaking to Kasapa Sports in an exclusive interview admitted the story stating that, “Yes is true Kelly’s father is a Mafia leader and I fear him a lot, when I met Kelly she told me that her father is a Mafia leader and if he even gets to know that we are dating it will be a bloody story all together.
“I can be killed at anytime if I travel to Australia and I don’t want to die in somebody’s country my brother I love my life and with the way things are going if I dare visit Australia I can even be killed at dawn although I have told Kelly to come to Ghana”Powers told Kasapa FM’s Alexander Anyankwaa.