Inmates at Awutu Breku district police cells in the Awutu Senya constituency of the Central region are calling for  re-construction of their prison cells.

According to the inmates, they do not have access to any lavatory which leaves them with no option than to defecate into polythene bags anytime they feel the need to attend nature’s call.

“Three months now we still have the toilets not flushed. There is nowhere to pee. We eat, sleep and empty our bowels in the same room. There is only one blanket, it’s about 14 years old and we all sleep on it. We smell very bad. We haven’t taken a shower for years” one of the inmates expressed told Adom News’ Kofi Adjei when he visited the cells.

“We empty our bowels in polythene bags. They come for it every three to four days. It can even extend to two weeks. There is no ventilation in the cell” one other inmate lamented.

They further urged the government to heed to their call since they are part of the citizenry and they exercise their right to vote; the mere fact that they do not have to be ignored because they are in prison cells.

“The fact that we are in prison cells doesn’t mean we should be left to die here. Even those who are psychologically impaired receive treatment aid from the government so we beg on the government to come to our aid. We are suffering”.

Listen to the inmates