At least two houses of alleged witches at Choggu in Sagnarigu District of the Northern region has been set ablaze by some angry youth in the community.

Adom News investigation revealed that, the youth suspected some persons in the area were working against them spiritually.

An eye witness, Shiraz Amark who spoke with Adom News said. two weeks ago a number of alleged witches and wizards were sent to a nearby shrine to be cleared of witchcraft only to be informed that one wizard has escaped from and moved into the town on Tuesday night.

The angry youth stormed the houses of the alleged witches and wizards and set them ablaze.

“Two weeks ago, the youth in the area realized that there were alleged witches practicing witchcraft in the area. They sacked them to a shrine where they have been there for some time only to be informed that one wizard has come back to the area.

“So the angry youth not wanting any spell to be cast on them burnt the houses where these alleged witches lived into ashes”.

According to the eye witness, after a suspect is cleared of witchcraft allegation, he or she is supposed to be accompanied by palace elders to announce his cleansing before they return to their communities.

But in the case of the alleged wizard, it has not been done forcing the angry youth to set ablaze their house to deter them from coming back to the town.

Meanwhile, the police in the Northern region have deployed a squad of millitary and police officers to the area, according to Adom News’ Illiasu.

No arrest has been made so far.

Listen to the eye witness