A pregnant Ghanaian woman has narrated her awful story about the ordeal and maltreatment she went through in Germany.

According to Comfort Nnakenebe, she was forcefully handcuffed and forcefully dragged out of her house and deported from Germany to Ghana because she went out on a job hunt in the country.

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In an interview with Adom FM’s Midday News, she revealed she was manhandled by the German police even in her pregnant state which is very unfair and hence wants justice to prevail.

“I was beaten to the extent that I collapsed and wasrushed to the hospital. For 3 weeks, I was given anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs because they claimed my pass out could make me mad.”

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She indicated that her little daughter was no exception from the maltreatment she suffered.

“My little daughter was handcuffed because she was trying to defend her mother. She was harshly treated without mercy.”

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She added that all efforts to seek justice on her arrival in Ghana have also proved futile.

“I tried to ask for help from the police and theimmigration office but didn’t get audience. I was told to stop speaking, thatthey know what do.”

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  1. First and foremost, they made a mistake by showing their Italian documents and also showing that they are one family.
    It’s better to hide your docs so they don’t know your nationality straight away else they will deport you. Most people think giving birth in Germany makes the child German. That’s very wrong. No law states that, it’s rather giving birth with a German national, an EU national or a person (with residential permit) living and working in Germany. The woman could have 1000 babies with her husband without getting permit to stay in Germany. Unless maybe she’s diagnosed with a chronic disease. Ghana is stable hence we can’t seek asylum they say

  2. so wait, you have two kids, no job, you and your husband are struggling.. you move from italy to germany to look for a job, you are given a place to stay by the authorities whiles they verify your documents..and then you decide to have unprotected sex and get pregnant again whiles poor and struggling with two kids. not once but twice….well in germany, if at least one parent is not a german, then the kid will not be eligible for citizenship, so that was a bad move.thus the german authorities are under no obligation to give them stay. through out the conversation, she says nothing about having an italian passport even though they lived there. neither did she say anything about a working visa. she only mentions documents. which i suspect was given to them to cover their stay because she had two kids in italy whiles their application for stay is considered. How can you say it is God who did it. you literally had unprotected sex with your husband knowing you could get pregnant.(bearing in mind you already have two with no job and little money). her story doesn’t sound right. she should be very honest with us

  3. After listening to her story, I’m not surprised they deported her… Extreme lack of knowledge, and ignorance.. and after everything they have not learn anything from their own story.

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