Caterers employed under the National School Feeding Programme on Monday 15 May picketed the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection over government’s failure to pay monies owed them since July 2016.

The caterers, from all 10 regions of the country, said the move had become necessary since government’s indebtedness to them was impeding their operations.

The Public Relations Officer of the caterers, Maame Yaa Duodua Appiah Korang, said the old administration owed them 75 cooking days while the NPP administration owed them from January to May.

According to her, although government claimed to have released GHS1million to offset some of the debt, the money had not reached them.

Ms. Korang claimed government said it had released GHS1million to clear some of the arrears before schools reopened but they still haven’t received any money.

They warned said should government refuse to pay them, they will have no option than to stop cooking until some of the arrears are cleared.

“We cannot continue cooking for the children until government pays us so parents should prepare and give their wards enough money when going to school. The Government wants to take us for granted but we won’t allow them and that’s why we have picketed here” she said.

Listen to the caterers