The Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako Jnr, says he was attacked for his comment that he will not kneel before the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Mr Baako has revealed that he was threatened and warned on social media, not to step a foot in Kumasi because his comments amounted to disrespect for the Asantehene.

“Out there I’ve seen a lot of attacks and threats on social media. There was one man who said he will come to Peace FM, seize my bags and burn them.

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There were those who said “if I’m a man, I should dare come to Kumasi and sit at Hello FM and say those  same words,” he disclosed on Accra-based Metro TV on Thursday as monitored by

The Editor-in-Chief last had said on Peace FM that Ghana’s constitution does not recognize the monarch system, and that his decision not to kneel before the Asantehene is “not to show disrespect to the King”.

According to him, his decision was “just matter of choice”.

His comment has since attracted mixed reactions as some claim he is being disrespectful towards the Asantehene.

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In his latest comments on the matter, he described the attacks on him as ethnocentric and backward thinking.

He said he will only respond to intellectuals who attack him.

“I see attacks on me because of comments I made as ethnocentric and backward thinking,” he said.

Mr Baako says he does not regret making the comment because it’s a matter of choice, adding he has great respect for the revered monarch [Asantehene].

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“I am not a coward; trust me. I will never kneel before any man. That was actually what I said and I stand by it. I didn’t question those who knelt before the Asantehene. I said that decision was their choice”, he repeated.

“There were even people who claimed they hate me because of those comments. I decided deliberately to ignore all the social media attacks because I thought they were not intellectual enough. If anyone needs explanation, as far as it’s intellectual, I will respond, ” he added.




  1. sometimes Kwaku Baako feels he is the custodian of all knowledge in Ghana. Now he has wished for war and he has it. next time he think twice before he talks. if he wants to respond to only intellectuals, then he should be talking to PhD students at Yale University and not sit a a predominantly Akan radio station with
    a listebenership of both lower and upper class. Mmmmmchewwwww

  2. Everyday is entitled to his opinion. Yes I agree with you. But man if you really have balls in between your two legs try and announce your visit to Kumasi and trust me we will drive you out with every force. Not even the entire Ashanti police and the military can protect you.

    If you are a man try it.

    You are a stomach journalist.

  3. I honestly think Kwaku Baako could have kept it to himself as to whether he would bow to him or not. Saying this on air was absolutely uncalled for. I hope it wasn’t meant to condemn John Boadu and the rest that did.

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