The Kontihene of Kintampo, Nana Owusu Kinkra has attributed the waterfall disaster to the anger of ancestors following the inability of traditional authorities to pacify the gods for over a period of time.

At least 17 people are reported dead in a ghastly accident at the Kintampo Waterfalls in the Brong Ahafo Region.

The deceased are believed to be Geography students of Wenchi Methodist Senior High School and other revelers from the University of Energy and Natural Resources who were there on an excursion.

According to Nana Owusu Kinkra, he believes it is both physical activities and remote spiritual factors that culminated in the incident.

He stated that, there were some spiritual requirements that should always be performed by Chiefs in the country, since they are spiritual leaders to maintain natural law and order to serve as checks and balances to prevent such unfortunate instances.

He recalled that, back in the days there were several festivities, prayers and libations that were done to satisfy and cleanse various natural elements and water bodies together with ancestors to protect mankind from such unforeseen circumstances.

“First it is the human activity that has resulted more or less or partly to the misfortune. There is also the spiritual undertone. I am talking as the Kontihene with regards to the blood stool inherited by our ancestors. We have some rules and regulations and some duties to perform. Our ancestors accepted some duties and customs, like it or not, we must continue them…”

But modern Chiefs, he said, failed to recognize such religious functions due to the emergence of Christianity and civilization which eventually turns the cursed knot back to the present day deeming it difficult in the spiritual realm to prevent such abominable acts from occurrence.

“Because of Christianity and modernization we aren’t interested in the duties to perform especially with modern day chiefs. Whatever the culture and spirits demand we have to give them. Chiefs must make sure to recognized festivals, cultures and libations that enforce natural order things in the society. We need to go back and recoup all those things and bring them back into play…”

In moving forward, he advised the governments and Chiefs across the country to start policies to protect the tourist attractions physically.

Moreover, he urged them to continue to perform rites and customs that are used to sacrifice to keep balance in the spiritual world.

“You can call me superstitious but our religion doesn’t define us as unbelievers in our faith in spirituality. The respect we don’t give to creation is part of it and our spiritual aspect is  part of it. If we disregard our rivers and do not give in to the rivers what they want. And when they die they die with the people. We have few trees to protect us against the storm. One tree cannot withstand the storm…” he disclosed on Accra-based to Class Fm.

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source: Ghana/ Kofi Adu