New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Suhum constituency, Frederick Opare Ansah has said he will not seek police protection because he is capable of protecting himself.

The Suhum MP among other things earlier alleged that, the NDC led by the MCE for Suhum had planned to abduct him before the December polls to enable them unleash violence on supporters of the NPP to deter them from coming out to vote.

But Mr Opare Ansah said he is not ready to make a police report against the kidnap threats that some faceless members of the ruling National Democratic Congress are allegedly planning to embark on.

“I won’t inform any police officer about it, some people were attacked with knives, others were stoned in the eye, even the Suhum chief resisted to make any arrest when he was attacked in his home and you want me to go ahead and arrest someone? No I won’t inform the police” he stressed.

He however continued, “I will not take the law into my hands. But the law gives me permission to protect myself. I am not going to attack anyone but If it dawns on anyone to attack me, they should try and they will see. I am really protecting myself. It’s not about dogs. My house is very open, but anyone who wants to attack me should try. That’s all I am saying” he said in an interview on Neat FM.

The Member of Parliament later declared that, the lead opposition party, NPP has already swept the seats in the Eastern Region on December 7 due to their massive house-to-house campaign.

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