Staff of Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources are living in fear following a secret audio/visual recording device which was found in the office of the Minister, John Peter Amewu.
A secret recording device was found in a Coat of Arms that has been hanged in the office of Mr. Amewu.
It is not clear who might have planted the device but it was discovered during a screening exercise in the office by National Security operatives who visited the minister’s office.
According to a JoyNews report, it was planted in a huge Coat of Arms plague hanged at the far left end corner of the minister’s office.
The device has a camera, a storage unit and another believed to be a transmitter.
The highly sensitive device which can pick whisper 35-feet away was neatly housed in a black metal box and uses dry cell.
Currently, the National Security is investigating the matter.
Mr. Amewu who confirmed the discovery expressed surprise saying “It’s quite surprising. The device was discovered during a screening process and it is quite surprising such a device could be planted in the office. The offices of the ministers are expected to be screened from time to time as part of security arrangements and it was one of such exercises this was found. The kind of jobs we do regarding security concerns, we have to do some of these things occasionally but I would not know who planted it there”.
Public Relations Officer for the Ministry, Abraham Otabil commenting on the issue, appealed to the National Security to, as matter of urgency; intervene to protect their lives as well as revamping security apparatus in the Ministry.
According to him, the device could have been planted there by persons against the ministers’ fight against illegal mining (galamsey) and therefore will not rule out illegal miners in this issue.
“All the staff in the ministry are living in fear. If some people have managed to plant such a device in a Minister’s office, then what will happen to ordinary staff members?  I am sure next time, they will also plant bomb in our offices” he said on Accra based Neat fm.
He continued that “these illegal miners will not be ruled out in this issue because we all know our minister is bent of fighting galamsey. We only wait for the BNI report to determine the real reason behind this strange issue” he added.
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