The chief of Ayensu Adze in Gomoa Central, Nana Akyirpanyin IV, has introduced a fine as a measure to end the increasing rate of teenage pregnancies in the area.

Per his new law, parents of a teenage girl who gets pregnant would be required to pay GH₵1,000.00 for not being responsible.

Also, parents of children found in town after 7: pm will also have flouted the law and would also pay GH₵1,000.00.

Parents of Ayensu Adze, according to the chief, will now have a daunting task to keep a close eye on their daughters or face the consequences.

Those who default, Nana Akyirpanyin IV, will face the full rigors of the local laws of the land.

He explained that, the parents will be punished and not the children because more teenage girls fall prey due to parental neglect.

As a region which is first on the teenage pregnancy league table in Ghana, Nana Akyirpanyin IV, said the fine will help address the canker which he says is robbing many brilliant young girls of their future.

Source: Akuba Badoe | Adom News