Founder and Leader of Agape Resurrection Ministries, Reverend Ebenezer Lovelace Arthur has called on the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to broaden the process of consultation following its move on taxing commercial activities of churches in the country.

He said there is a need for the Commissioner of the GRA, Kofi Nti to make the right decisions rather than hasty ones that will only end up destroying the true churches.

He said though he supports the move, he believes the GRA should concentrate on smaller independent churches who he believes are just too many in the country.

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“GRA must be careful with their move. They should do a proper consultation else everyone will end up evading taxes. They should concentrate on smaller churches, they are just too many because most of them are just independent and using its members to amass wealth.

The GRA has served notice that it is planning on taxing commercial activities of churches in the country.

Commissioner of the GRA Kofi Nti argued that the move was necessary because such activities fall out of the legal remit of the churches’ operation across the country.


But speaking on Adom FM’s Morning Show “Dwaso Nsem” Friday, Reverend Lovelace Arthur urged the GRA to rather channel their energy on pastors who live extravagant lives.

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According to him, as a full-time pastor, his only motive is to ensure the welfare of its members and preach the Gospel to them.

“Sometimes I wonder why the GRA will just decide to tax churches without looking at what some of these pastors do alongside their church.  When I watch TV, sometimes I weep because I realize that most of the churches are not helping.

“Me, for instance, I don’t make noise. How many times have you ever heard of my name in public? Those making noise are Obinim, Obofuor and Ebenezer; they should rather chase them because they are always showing off their wealth. I work hard for the properties I own now” he warned.

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Reverend Lovelace Arthur, therefore, asked GRA to be circumspect and not step on innocent toes

“GRA boss must be vigilant. If Oborfour claims he has so many companies, they should investigate it. Some pastors in businesses should be chased” he stated.