Residents around the Accra International Trade Fair Centre are in a state of shock after a gas a explosion in the killed six people and injured some 23 others.

Contrary to earlier reports suggesting that, the gas explosion started from the Luis Gas Filling Station, Samuel Bonsu, a vulcanizer told Adom News’ Editor, Nii Narku Dowuona that the explosion was caused by a gas leakage.

“Fire was ignited at trade fair. They were burning refuse close to the gas filling station And when the air blew, the burnt particles from the refuse location was blown by the mandate of the air which eventually landed at the gas site and set it ablaze.

“Later it directed itself towards the plantation I was hiding in so I took off my clothes and took to my heels” he said.

“Meanwhile, another lady escaping for her life was knocked down by a car into a gutter. I had to go back for her. We nearly burnt together” he noted.

They further confirmed that, the refuse burning incident has been reported several times by the Gas filling station but they never heeded to it.

“Trade fair is known to be burning refuse all the time. They have warned them for more than three to four times. But they never listened.” He said.

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