The social welfare department at Gushegu in the Northern region is investigating a teenage pregnancy controversy involving two minors after one of the parents reported the matter.

According to the district director Sulemana Dokurugu Tia, the minors are aged 15 and 13.

He said parents of the female stormed his office to report the case after the boy was denying been responsible.

Mr. Sulemana said the boy later accepted that he had sex with the girl only once in December but didn’t believe he owns the pregnancy. GH

The meeting abrogated after the father of the boy got angry and walked out because he gives his son GH¢1 a day hence can’t cater for the pregnant girl.

The 13-year-girl has since been sent to her ‘husband’s’ house despite the confusion.

Investigation has been launched and authorities will be determining how the girl will be taken care of.

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