Ghana’s Attorney General, Madam Gloria Akufo has given an account of how her family escaped the deadly Madina-Atomic junction gas explosion which claimed the lives of seven persons.

Madam Akufo says though she was not at home when the incident occurred, her children and her mother were all home few meters away from the gas filling station.

Madam Akufo says her kids were swift enough to have moved out of the house to East Legon for safety.

“I traveled for a funeral and came late only to meet the gas explosion. I thanked God for my life and for my old lady who was around at that time in my house”, the Attorney General told journalists on Sunday.

Madam Gloria Akufo who accompanied Vice President Bawumia to tour the explosion site said the fire was so intense that it has destroyed some parts of her residence.

“The colour of my house has changed to black, my sliding doors and ceiling have broken”, she revealed.

The Attorney General disclosed that she could have been a direct victim since she drives to the affected filling station most of the time to buy fuel.

Two filling stations went up in flames yesterday at Atomic junction near University of Ghana after the Mansco gas filling station exploded.

The fire also destroyed some businesses and shops situated near the gas station. The deadly explosion also forced some residents to flee their homes for safety. So far about six people have been confirmed dead, leaving about 45 others in critical conditions.

The fire also consumed about 20 vehicles in the process.


  1. When shall we be serious with laws in the country?. When will political sympathy and rhetorics cease in this country? After,every disaster, political leaders are the first to express sympathy but they do little to prevent a recurrence of avoidable disasters. Elsewhere,some politicians are comparing the closure of FM stations with gas explosions. Haba.

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