Voting underway

A presiding officer at Sempe Mantse We at Jamestown has confirmed the seizure of four mobile phones from voters who attempted to take photos of their votes cast on the ballot sheet.

Police and EC official questioning a voter for taking shots of vote cast

According to him, per the Electoral Commission (EC) laws, it is unacceptable to take photos of the exercise. He urged EC officials to seize phones to prevent further misconduct.

Explaining the motive behind such acts, the presiding officer revealed the voters use such photos as evidence they did not defraud their aspirants who paid for their votes.

A voter unhappy after phone seizure

“They go for money so when they come and vote they send it to the aspirant to prove they did not defraud them but really voted for them,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the polling station, as at the time of filing this report, had recorded only 165 votes cast out of 835 registered voters.

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Source: Ghana | | Gershon Mortey