Bremanhene, Baffuor Kutin Sraman II did not only publicly endorse President John Dramani Mahama and National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Suame, Brogya Genfi but has also sought to drag the Asantehene into politics.

He told a charged audience at a rally organized as part of President Mahama’s campaign tour at the Suame Magazine onTuesday that the Asantehene approves of his endorsement.

It comes a few weeks after Otumfuo Osei Tutu II asked chiefs who want to dabble in partisan politics to abdicate their stools or face his wrath.

Baffuor Kutin who said he had found himself in a tight corner before the endorsement told the gathering the overlord of the Asante Kingdom frowns on chiefs indulging in partisan politics.

A few seconds later, he said Asantehene agrees to his position to publicly endorse the two men.

According to him, Otumfuo has sanctioned that chiefs could support government of the day to promote development in their respective traditional areas.

This is the second time in two years that Baffuor Sraman has openly declared support for President Mahama.

His endorsement of the President on June 2014 attracted widespread public criticism.

Describing President Mahama as God-sent, healthy, able-bodied person with vision, Nana Sraman pledged the full backing of Nananom to the re-election bid of the President.

According to him, Bremang road network received a facelift on the orders of President Mahama.

For Brogya Genfi, the chief asked people in the area to vote for him irrespective of their political affiliation, describing him as a true Suame man.

He paid glowing tribute to the parliamentary candidate’s grandfather, Nana Kofi Genfi, a parliamentarian in the Progress Party during the Second Republic.

The late Genfi collected a record 70 hats that earned him the nickname, ‘the Hatman’.