Outspoken Lawyer, Dr Maurice Ampaw says he will personally walk to the Police Station to call for the arrest of both Christabel Ekeh and Wanlov the Kubolor.
According to him, it is only right that the police arrest them for their public display of nudity — the same crime that both Rashida and Wisa GrEid are being prosecuted for.
Speaking to Dave Hammer on Hello FM entertainment review, the Lawyer explained that once Rashida has been arrested, he sees no reason why Christabel or Wanlov shouldn’t be arrested since they were all involved in indecent public exposure.
He added that maybe the police are “enjoying” Christabel’s nude pictures because of their failure to arrest her only equals to selective justice which shouldn’t be tolerated.
In response to why Christabel Ekeh hasn’t been arrested yet, he said
“I don’t know why she hasn’t been arrested by the police yet. I think maybe they’re enjoying her nudes because I don’t know why they should arrest Rashida.
Then I think they should also release Wisa because we shouldn’t tolerate selective justice. What’s wrong is wrong, Rashida is a citizen who was guilty of the law and she be prosecuted likewise Wisa.
So the police must arrest Christabel — from Monday going, I’m going to the Police Headquarters to demand the arrest of Christabel immediately else they should stop the prosecution of Wisa and leave Rashida alone. Wanlov should also be arrested for his indecent exposure on the Delay’s show some time ago”