A harmless revelation on Joy FM’s Newsfile programme about how a powerful Chinese woman, blackmailed Ghana’s top politicians and security officers with sex tapes and videos she recorded has led to the arrest of Asia Huang popularly called Aisha.

The New Crusading Newspaper Editor Kweku Baako said three times, Aisha was arrested and three times she was released because she blackmailed the powers that be into submission with tapes and videos of sexual encounters she commissioned Chinese women to have with the Ghanaian power brokers.

That revelation has led to the fourth arrest of Aisha, hopefully the final one that may lead to either her prosecution or repatriation.

Speaking to Joy News Editor Evans Mensah on Top Story, Monday, the Controller General of the Ghana Immigration Service gave a shocking blow-by-blow account of how the supposed powerful Chinese woman with a reputation for engaging in illegal mining in Ghana and blackmailing powerful Ghanaians with sex videos was arrested on Saturday

According to Kwame Essuah, on hearing the revelation on Newsfile, he quickly called the Interior Minister Ambrose Dery asking for an order to pursue and arrest the Chinese woman. The order came and with dispatch.

He then also directed the Ashanti Region branch of the Immigration Service to move into action and have the woman arrested.

Coincidentally, the Immigration Service in the region had arrested four Chinese in an illegal mine at Amansie in the Ashanti Region. The miners mentioned Aisha as the woman who commissioned them to work in the mine for her.

Powerful as she is, or supposed to be, Aisha appeared with the aim of seeking bail for the four arrested Chinese nationals, Kwame Essuah narrated.

She was denied the right to bail and she left with the explanation that she was going to bring a document that legally gives her a right to bail the four but never returned.

According to Essuah, when the order for her arrest sent, the Immigration service in Obuasi picked up intelligence about the residence of Aisha and proceeded there.

Drama at her residence

The Controller General said Aisha’s house had a barricade too difficult to surmount and his men were constrained but no sooner did three men appear on the scene.

The men, Robert Cabutey, George Appiah Tettehfio Adjase claimed they work at the Flagstaff House and had to meet Aisha, and because Aisha knew who the three men were allowed them access beyond the barricade.

Essuah said his men followed the three men, forced their way into the barricade and had Aisha arrested on Saturday and has since been in the custody of the Immigration service in Accra.

It later turned that the three men were not even working at the Flagstaff House, Essuah added.

He said Aisha and the four Chinese galamsey men are still being investigated. The four are most likely to be repatriated but the Immigration official could immediately say what they intend to do with Aisha.

According to him, they are still investigating the matter and will take a decision once the investigation is done.

Status of Aisha

Kwame Essuah says the Chinese woman holds a indefinite residence status which means she is married, to a Ghanaian and could stay in the country.

The husband is however out of the country and is set to return in June.