A commercial driver from Efigyase in the Ashanti Region has been killed by armed robbers on the Yeji Atabubu highway.

The armed robbers targeted and trailed the car from Kumasi to Yeji in the Bono East Region.

Upon getting to the highway, witnesses told Adom News that the robbers went out of sight, only to emerge from a bush road and started firing indiscriminately.

A bullet from their rifle hit the driver in the chest, while the car was still running on top speed.

After the driver managed to hit his brakes, the robbers are said to have raided the commercial car and dispossessed the market women of their monies.

No other death and casualties were recorded.

The body has been deposited at Yeji Mathias Hospital for preservation.

Meanwhile, Yeji Drivers Union has staged a protest against killing of their members.