The popular NDC serial caller, Frank Kwaku Appiah popularly known as Appiah Stadium has been arrested by police in the Ashanti Region.

According to sources, the NDC serial caller was arrested for allegedly tagging President Akufo-Addo a ‘drug addict’.

He is currently at the Kumasi Central Police Station assisting with investigations.

The vociferous supporter of the (NDC) has since rendered an unqualified apology to the President after he claimed in an audio that has gone viral that the President smokes marijuana, popularly known as ‘wee’.

He even had the backing of General Secretary of the opposition NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketia who maintained Appiah only expressed his opinion.

General Mosquito as he is popularly called said he would be very surprised if President Akufo-Addo uses the security to intimidate the security caller.

But it seems his advise fell on deaf ears following Appiah Stadium arrest. is following the development keenly and will updates readers accordingly.







  1. It is only in Ghana that when a person imputes criminal action in another that others see it as freedom of speech. Didi you ever hear anybody sit on Radio or prime time tv tagging Rawlings as a wee smoker?
    You can say it within your enclosed circles and wherever so long as nobody has the evidence. However when you use the medium of television or radio or any other medium of mass communications its implications are wide. I cannot get up, go sit on radio or tv and call any one of you here criticising his arrest as thieves.

  2. Rafraj, l don’t know who yr parents are. I don’t know if u have elders in yr family. I don’t know how u were brought up but with yr write up, I can tell that u are not coming from a good home. I was surprised when I read what ASiedu nketia said and didn’t won’t to beliv he said it as a leader of a party that wants to run affairs of this country again. If this is how party leaders will be sponsoring the youths to be calling curses upon themselves by disrespecting elders in society, then this nation has no future and NDC is a failed party. I have started advising my children and friends stop being members of this party as they will not have any good future being in such a party.

  3. This is very strange in this era of our democratic dispensation…..Why will somebody be arrested because he said the president smokes “wee”?
    Don’t we have freedom of speech anymore? This is crazy to say the least…!!! Is Kweku Baaku in this country?
    Even during President Rawlings time, people say he smokes ‘wee’ and he never got anybody arrested.
    NPP should should be able demonstrate tolerance level as its been done to them when they were in opposition.
    If this story is true, Nana should with immediate effect instruct those power drunk members to release the guy.
    In Ghana, there is no way any party will remain in power forever so they should watch out…!!

    • I think he is been arrested to assist investigation because we can allow a whole president to smoke wee which is illegal añd against rules and làws of the country

    • Comment: Does freedom of speech allow you to speak any how to the sitting president? people like you bring shame to the nation. let us all help to build the nation not to destroy it.

  4. this is absolutely wrong. and it is disgusting that the police will always go and arrest and then the president will order them to release. It has happened under every presidency…. There is no basis to arrest the guy…. He has right to free speech and Nana Addo has right to file a suite against him if he so chooses.
    This is all that this guy wants, to make him more popular. And you are just playing into his hands.

  5. If asiedu nketia were to be a good citizen of this country, he would hav made a case against Nana Addo when he was a presidential candidate, so that we don’t vote for a wee smoker. Asiedu nketia is not a good citizen to be the general sec of a political party. If a political party has made him their sec, then that party is not fit to run affairs of this noble nation.

  6. Smoking wee is a criminal offense in Ghana. If this guy has evidence that the president smokes wee, he has a civic responsibility to report to the security agencies and or help to effect arrest. You don’t malign people and go scot free. Your freedom ends where another person’s nose begins.

  7. Am saddened to hear that when somebody tries to malign or defame a responsible stateman and for that matter the first gentleman of the land you term it “expression of opinion” of “freedom of speech”. All in the name of politics. These same people wants others address them beginning with please. What an evil world!

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