The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Microfinance and Small Loan Center (MASLOC), Stephen Amoah, is fuming over allegations that he ordered the purchase of 1,800 second-hand vehicles for the centre without the approval of the Board.
The allegations were made by a former Deputy Chief of Staff, Dr. Valerie Sawyerr, who also accused Mr. Amoah of failing to go through procurement processes before he purchased the vehicles.
“Your MASLOC CEO, Stephen Amoah purchased 1,800 second-hand cars with no MASLOC board in place and no PPA (Public Procurement Authority) approval,” she said in an article widely published in the media.
Provoked by the remark, Mr. Amoah in a statement denied the allegations, and also gave Dr. Valerie Sawyer a one-week ultimatum to retract the publication and apologize or incur his wrath.
“In that passage, Dr. Valarie Sawyer stated emphatically that, I Stephen Amoah, CEO of MASLOC has purchased one thousand eight hundred (1,800) second-hand cars with no board in place and no PPA approval. I, Stephen Amoah, CEO of MASLOC have not purchased 1,800 second-hand cars as has been insistently stated by Dr. Valarie Sawyerr. I found this statement defamatory. It is believed that Dr. Valarie Sawyerr’s arbitrary decision to issue this false statement has been sadly induced by her ego trips just to smear my hard earned reputation.”
Mr. Amoah, who said Dr. Sawyerr’s piece has tarnished his image badly, stated that, “My illiterate and cherished mother has been traumatized.”
“I am accordingly giving you, Dr. Valarie Sawyerr one-week from today, 9:00am, Friday, 3rd of November, 2017, to reflect on your disparaging statement against me and the President, retract and render an unequivocal apology to me, the president of the Republic of Ghana and the entire Ghanaian community. Failure to do this honourable, admirable, respectable and praiseworthy thing, will inform my next line of action,” Mr. Amoah added in the statement issued on Friday.
350 abandoned vehicles at MASLOC
MASLOC dominated the news during the early part of October 2017 following the procurement of some 350 vehicles by the previous administration, meant for drivers belonging to the GPRTU.
But the cars were rejected by the union who say they were “too expensive.”
The centre in the past few years, has been involved in the sale of cars on credit to individuals and groups including Members of Parliament, musicians and celebrities; however, it struggles to retrieve the monies owed it.
Valerie Sawyerr blasts Bawumia over digital address system
Dr. Valerie Sawyerr,in that article also took Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to the cleaners, following some utterances the second gentleman made prior to the launch of the country’s digital address system also known as Ghana Post GPS.
Dr. Sawyerr believes the Vice President deceived Ghanaians when he said the $2.5 million worth system will be more advanced than those used in the UK and United States of America.
“It is more advanced than the United States or the United Kingdom or Germany because they are stuck to old technology, and we are leapfrogging. We are going to a new technology; we are going to GPS-based technology,” Dr. Bawumia said when he delivered a lecture at the University of Cape Coast, on October 5, 2017.