Popular Kumasi based NDC serial caller, Frank Appiah aka Appiah Stadium has alleged that Deputy General Secretary of the party, Koku Anyidoho usurped the powers of late President Mills when the later had a frail health.

According to him, Mr Anyidoho as the Director of Communications at the Presidency went to the extent of signing documents for President John Evans Attah Mills in the last days leading to his death.

Appiah, has vowed to wage a relentless war against any member of the party who has purposed to make it impossible for ex President John Mahama to lead the NDC to the 2020 general elections.

According to him, the Deputy General Secretary and Vice Chairperson of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho and Anita Desoso respectively have hatched a grand agenda to prematurely end ex President Mahama’s Presidential ambition.

Appiah Stadium’s comment comes in the wake of a scathing attack by NDC MP for Yunyoo, Joseph Bipoba Naabu, who has said giving the ex President another chance to lead Ghana will see the economy being messed up the more, insisting that the former Ghanaian leader should give way for another person to lead the NDC in election 2020.

Appiah Stadium believes the MP is one of the few senior NDC members who have joined the likes of Koku and Anita to deny the ex President the opportunity of staging a come back.

He said his claim has been reinforced by an interview Koku Anyidoho granted GHOne TV few days ago during which he made a statement to the fact that “leadership will rotate, “I loved President Mills, but I worked for President Mahama.”

Anita also recently accused the various campaign groups that were formed for Mahama of contributing largely to the party’s defeat in last year’s elections.

In an interview with Kasapa News, Appiah Stadium said if the ‘enemies’ of Mahama in the NDC do not stop their attacks on him, he (Appiah) will blow their cover one after the other.

Instead of us mounting pressure on President Akufo Addo and his large government, we’re rather fighting ourselves. If that’s what we want, then some of us will help to further rip the NDC apart, we’ll spill the beans. I’ll let the public know some of the things that went on at the Presidency under late President Attah Mills. In the last days before ex-President Mills died, when he was very weak and couldn’t sign signatures, Koku Anydoho was signing documents for him. If they purpose in their hearts to disgrace John Mahama I’ll also make sure I expose all their dubious dealings. Everyone knows that when late President Mills was terribly weak and kept indoors, he was there with Koku Anyidoho and they managed Ghana together, they should dare go on attacking John Mahama and I’ll say things that will break this country.”

He added: “Koku Anyidoho was on TV last week saying repeatedly that he loved late President Attah Mills, but just worked for ex-President John Mahama, are there no leaders in the NDC to rebuke him for what he said? Sadly everyone is looking on as such people go round denigrating our ex-President“?