The anti-galamsey task force deployed to enforce the country’s laws against illegal mining will not attack Ghanaians, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Peter Amewu has assured.
The joint team is expected to clamp down on the illegal activity in the Ashanti, Eastern and Western Regions.
Speaking on Eyewitness News, the Minister clarified that the taskforce will basically focus on enforcing laws as far as the fight against illegal mining is concerned.
“This is a directive with about seven ministerial committees put together to make sure that once and for all we deal with this issue. The forces that you see today will not go and beat up civilians or molest communities. There some miners still on the water bodies so they are going to enforce the laws.
“They are going there to explain issues and make sure they take them out of their various areas of operation. They have done a lot of cognisance operation and it is based on that they were deployed today so I am not sure they are going to use brutal force on Ghanaians but they are rather helping to make sure that we live up to our expectation in making sure they adhere strictly to the directive.”
The deployment, named “Operation Vanguard” is to enforce the country’s laws against the illegal practice which has devastated the country’s land and water resources.
This is a major step in the fight against the illegal activity that has affected most of Ghana’s land and water resources.
Many have expressed the belief that the involvement of the military in stopping illegal mining popularly known as galamsey, will achieve more results.
Even before the taskforce begins its work, the Minister for Defence, Dominic Nitiwul has cautioned persons planning on daring the joint team to refrain from doing so.
He said, “it will not be in your interest to do so.”
Dominic Nitiwul in an address at the launch of the anti-galamsey operation coded “operation vanguard” said the state was behind the task force hence the team must not be challenged.
“I will make it straight to the people who are daring the task-force not to do that because the country is behind the task force. Don’t dare them. It will not be in your interest to dare them… They will do everything and anything to make this mission a success,” he said.