National Vice Chairperson of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Madam Anita De-SoSo has denied bleaching claims after the founder of her party, former President Jerry John Rawlings during the celebration of June 4 on Monday told her to stop bleaching.

According to the NDC former Women’s Organizer, it was due to the work of the Holy Ghost anointing working at the place that made the founder of NDC to see her so special and to conclude that she was bleaching.

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“She is getting too fair. ‘Y3ngyai sa samina no na 3ny3’, to wit, let us stop using that soap because it is bad. She said I am his father and so let me tell her what I want to say”, Former President Rawlings told De-SoSo at the 39th anniversary of the June 4th uprising ceremony held at the Madina Social Welfare School Park, Monday.

But the ‘daughter’ [De-SoSo] of former President Rawlings on Okay FM’s ‘Ade Akye Abia’ Morning show sarcastically responded to her ‘father’ [President Rawlings] saying “..maybe it was due to the Holy Ghost anointing working at that place that made the founder to see me so special”.

The NDC big shot however expressed her happiness on how the event of the 39th anniversary of June 4 turned out as the founder of NDC instead of pouring out his anger in the party rather turned the heat on her skin colour.

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She reiterated that her apology was ordained from God, butressing that to be why Mr. Rawlings dropped his earlier intention to give a boom speech on the rot in NDC as promised.

“I believe my action was ordained from God because he [Mr. Rawlings] accepted my apology even though he was looking elsewhere but at the end of the day, my kneeling down and begging worked. It is normal for a father who is hurt by his children to look elsewhere while his children apologise to him but it does not mean he has not accepted the apology”, she asserted.

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Delivering a speech at the 39th anniversary of June 4th uprising, held at the Madina Social Welfare School Park in Accra, Anita De-SoSo recounted the help that Mr. Rawlings has done her.

She therefore believed she had shown gross ingratitude to Mr. Rawlings therefore going on her knees to ask the party founder for forgiveness.