Residents in the Amansie South District of the Ashanti Region have taken to the streets to protest against bad road network in the area.

Despite the district’s contribution to the economy with gold and cocoa, residents say successive governments have deprived the area of development.

A promise by the incumbent government to fix the roads is also yet to materialise.

The roads, as observed, have been rendered muddy and slippery due to rainfall in the area and have over the years impacted negatively on healthcare delivery and emergency service provision in the area.

Narrating their frustrations in an interview with Adom News, some residents said drivers on daily basis have to skillfully maneuver their way through the mud.

Commercial drivers bemoaned the nature of the road affects their operations and causes damage to their vehicles and with motorbikes as the preferred and commonest means of transport, the riders lamented similar challenges.

Clad in red outfits, they wielded placards with various inscriptions to drum home their demands.

The placards read; Not fixing means there is no New Patriotic Party, year of roads but years of dust in Manso, flood is killing us, where is our gold, Enough of the bad roads, among others.

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