Skipper of Ghana’s senior national football team, Asamoah Gyan, has admitted having sex with Sarah Kwablah who he said he met on social media for the first time but denied ever raping her as she had claimed.

“I indeed had an affair with Sarah Kwablah that’s why she twisted events to accuse me of raping her because she knows I am a star and have a wife and so I can’t deny that I had sex with her. So because I admitted having with her, it made it difficult for them to frame me up, so they lied that I had raped her in order to put me in trouble. Yes I had sex with her, I will never deny that,” Asamoah Gyan told Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) on the Delay Show recently.

The celebrated Ghanaian striker said he was not proud of cheating on his wife and so pleaded for forgiveness. “I accepted my mistake and pleaded with my wife for forgiveness and was willing to bear the consequences; even if it meant her divorcing me … and, so, I explained everything to her because I am an honest guy, I don’t hide things from my wife.”

Apart from the rape allegation, Sarah Kwablah in 2015 accused Gyan of sodomising her.

Though Gyan admitted having consensual sex with Ms Kwablah, he was not specific about whether it was vaginal or anal sex when he was interviewed by Delay.

He said the whole Sarah Kwablah saga “made me change a bit in the way I interacted with my fans but I later realised that I can’t push everybody away just because of that incident because some people try to get close to me for assistance or for genuine reasons.”

Gyan said prior to the sexual affair that turned sour, he was “very cool” with Sarah Kwablah. “She was a very respectful girl, I don’t know if she was pretending to be a good girl at the time. We were on good terms. …I went with her into her room after a training session around West Hills mall and whatever happened happened. … So how does a raped victim come out to open the gate for me to drive out of her house?” Gyan wondered.

Asked if he did not consider the risk of contracting a sexual transmitted disease (STD) which he could have transmitted to his wife as a result of his cheating, Gyan said: “I am clean because I check my blood for all those things every two months by dint of being a footballer so I am very healthy.”

“My wife loves me and she knows I am open: I tell it as it is and she knows I don’t lie because I always am honest with her and so I asked her for forgiveness …”

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