The Finance Ministry has given financial clearance to the over four hundred unposted allied health workers who have been picketing at the Health ministry since Monday.

Deputy Health minister Tina Mensah flaunted the documents containing the signature of the finance minister before the frustrated health workers igniting sudden excitement and wild jubilation at the premises of the ministry.

The agitating health workers on Monday rejected a plea by the deputy minister to return home while she worked on their concerns.

This is the second time graduates have picketed at the premises before getting posted by government.

They had earlier accused the deputy minister of not honouring her words when she promised they were going to be posted.

The group numbering about 200 kept vigil at the premises of the Health Ministry on Monday night as part of moves to impress on government to secure financial clearance for their employment and posting.

According to them they have not been employed since they left school about two years ago and thereby making life unbearable for them.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosi Sen Wednesday, leader of the group, Solomon Yeboah said the Deputy Minister of Health, Mrs. Tina Mensah has promised that they will hear something positive very soon.

According to him, they were initially given up to May 15 to receive a good report from the ministry but up till date nothing has been heard from the ministry.

“We have petitioned the Flagstaff House, the Senior minister and the Gender Minster, our next move is to picket in front of the Flagstaff House,” he said.