President Akufo-Addo, who is known for his sharp suits seems to have developed new love for African prints and making waves with his new shirts.

There has been a surge in the wearing of African prints by Ghanaians, possibly sparked by the the Kufour government’s Friday wear initiative, which sought to promote Made in Ghana goods as well as a unique Ghanaian fabrics.

Nana Addo, who has been wearing these new shirts to national and public events, seems to be leading by example, especially since the government wants to sustain the Mahama government’s campaign to promote Made in Ghana goods.

“Gorgeous outlook. You look perfect in your Africa print His Excellency”, “Mr. President you look good in African wear, more of these your excellency,” Merclyn Odura Nyarko and Samuel Nti posted on Facebook, in February in reaction to a photo of their President in African print shirt at the 2017 End-of-year Police get-together.

Then, it was one of the rare occasions Nana Akufo-Addo had been spotted in African prints after his inauguration on 7th January 2017.

After officially assuming office, he had been busying himself with making appointments to his government and receiving guests from within and outside the country to congratulate him, assure him of support and urge him to take some actions to turnaround the fortunes of the country.

On almost all of those occasions, the President was seen in either conservative double breasted suits or colourful contemporary single breasted suits with his signature handkerchief tucked in his wrist.

While he appeared comfortable in them, many Ghanaians took him on over his apparent failure to ‘lead by example’ his commitment and call for promotion of the local garment industry by wearing clothes made from them.

The criticisms seemed to have slowly changed the President’s test for suits which portrayed him to be a typical of the elite class in society, commanding a certain aura of classicism.

Public photos of Nana Akufo-Addo at recent functions show him glowing in different variations of African print, handmade, beautifully designed and fitting perfectly. Here are photos of the president at recent events.

90th Anniversary Celebration of Achimota School

Laying of foundation stone – new chancery for French Embassy

End-of-year Police get-together – WASSA 2017

Changing of the guards ceremony at the Presidency

Changing of the guards ceremony at the Presidency

End-of-year Get-together of the Ghana Armed Forces – WASSA

90th Anniversary Celebration of Krobo Girls School

69th Anniversary of Christiansborg crossroads shooting incident


Opening of Road to Independence Exhibition + Presidential Museum